Liberty Group Limited

As Malawi’s fast-growing company, Liberty Group Limited, we provide professional client-focused solutions. As a multinational-owned company, we go above and beyond on every project and deliver on our promises with integrity. We collectively roll-up our sleeves every day and put our knowledge and insight to work to make a difference in our customer’s lives.  



Hussein Aldor

Founder and CEO of Liberty Group Limited Malawi.


Liberty Group Limited shares many years of industry-leading excellence with every client we meet. As a company owned by a Malawian, we have for the past Nine years provided clients with quality services through Tiles adhesive Cement and Concrete Blocks production, affordable warehouse renting and high-quality construction of various buildings. Our employees are hard-working and dedicated to our unique purpose, and we are guided by important values that make us the established leader in any economic environment. Our team of employee-owners hails from every craft and expertise in the field, allowing us to combine innovative construction methods and accountable project management to get the job done and get it done right. Liberty Group Limited has subsidiary companies namely Liberty Construction, Liberty Properties and International Industries.

Our vision is to be one of the best companies across SADC region offering quality works and services.